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Welcome to the Books for Boys home page, dedicated to the advancement of juvenile and young adult literature that's especially appropriate for boys. No Anne of Green Grables here. And Laura Wilder is strictly confined to her Little House and is NOT allowed to come out. This page is for BOYS, and if that sounds like a turn-off to you, you are welcome to leave. None of that sissy stuff here. We've got your Redwall; we've got your Tollbooth; we've got your Stinky Cheese Man. It's all here, plus some stuff you never knew existed. Come on in and have a look around.

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Because there are so many ways to catagorize children's books, its hard to set up a page about them just one way. So we've set up Author pages with summaries of titles, and then set up various lists of those titles, organized different ways, with links to the full descriptions.

NOTE: I have only listed books that I like. If you see a title, and you know the book, don't bother to read the full description. However, I have also carefully considered a few books that you will find listed at the bottom of each author under the caption "Conspicuous in its Abscence." These titles are ones I intentionallly do not review because they stink.

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