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Born: Yes

Age: less

Occpation: Sufficient

Sign: Neon

Favorite Color: Purple

Links to my Friends

Jarrod's Home Page
Jarrod Shields is quite possibly the funniest man alive.
Doug Stay's homepage
These are some pictures and stories a friend did.

Okay, this is just a brief synopsis about me.

I'm a pre-media arts major at BYU, and I work in the children's department of the bookstore. I love childrens books and have aspirations to write them.

I write anything that pops into my head, which is occasionally very interesting, at least to me.

The picture above was taken during a two-year stint I did in the Amazon Jungle, in the city of Manaus. In case anybody cares, the house is in the Barrio Redencao, on the main street that runs up to Barrio da Paz (Formerly known as "A Planeta dos Maccacos," or "Planet of the Apes").

Aside from children's books, I also love the fiction of Orson Scott Card and Ray Bradbury.